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What Do WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss, Jenkins, OpenNMS, and Your Application Have in Common? This Vulnerability.

The most underrated, underhyped vulnerability of 2015 has recently come to my attention, and I’m about to bring it to yours. No one gave it a fancy name, there were no press releases, nobody called Mandiant to come put out the fires. In fact, even though proof of concept code was released OVER 9 MONTHS AGO, none of the products mentioned in the title of this post have been patched, along with many more. In fact no patch is available for the Java library containing the vulnerability. In addition to any commercial products that are vulnerable, this also affects many custom applications. In this post I’ll be dropping pre-authentication, remote code execution exploits that leverage this vulnerability for WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss, Jenkins, and OpenNMS. All on the newest versions. Even more interesting, I’ll detail the process we went through to discover that these products were vulnerable, and how I developed the exploits. This should empower you to go out and find this same bug in your own software or commercial products that you or your clients use. All code can be found on the FoxGlove Security Github.


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