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CVE-2015-1328: incorrect permission checks in overlayfs, ubuntu local root

Hello, this is CVE-2015-1328 which allows a local root privilege escalation in the default configuration on all currently supported versions of Ubuntu. The overlayfs filesystem does not correctly check file permissions when creating new files in the upper filesystem directory. This can be exploited by an unprivileged process in kernels with CONFIG_USER_NS=y and where overlayfs has the FS_USERNS_MOUNT flag, which allows the mounting of overlayfs inside unprivileged mount namespaces. This is the default configuration of Ubuntu 12.04, 14.04, 14.10, and 15.04 [1]. If you don't want to update your kernel and you don't use overlayfs, a viable workaround is to just remove or blacklist overlayfs.ko / overlay.ko.


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