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It's All About Trust - Forging Kerberos Trust Tickets to Spoof Access across Active Directory Trusts

In early 2015, I theorized that it’s possible to forge inter-realm (inter-trust) Kerberos tickets in a similar manner to how intra-domain TGTs (Golden Tickets) and TGSs (Silver Tickets) are forged. Around the same time, Banjamin Delpy updated Mimikatz to dump trust keys from a Domain Controller. Soon after, Mimikatz gained capability to forge inter-realm trust tickets. Benjamin Delpy added “Kekeo” to Github which includes “AskTGS” which provides the capability to request TGS service tickets for targeted services in the destination domain and save them to file. With the tools enabling further research, I was able to explore what is possible with forged cross-trust Kerberos tickets. The key to the power of a Kerberos Trust Ticket within a multi-domain Active Directory forest is Enterprise Admins membership which easily crosses domain boundaries providing effective Domain Admin rights in every domain in the AD forest.


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